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Unit 1 家庭與生活方式

  Family Dimension_chin_draft_July 09.pdf
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Unit 2 消費者選擇服裝的行為模式及涵義

  Consumer_chin_draft_July 09.pdf
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Unit 3 基本時裝設計

  Consumer_chin_draft_July 09.pdf
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Unit 4 纖維與布料

  Fibres andFarbics_chin_draft_July 09.pdf
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Unit 5 成衣科技

  Clothing Technology_chin_draft_July 09.pdf
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Unit 6 文化與時裝設計

  Culture_chin_draft_July 09.pdf
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Unit 7 紡織品及紡織科技

  Textile Tech_chin_draft_July 09.pdf
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Unit 8 成衣工業

  Apparel_chin_draft_July 09.pdf
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